Sunnyside Adventure

Cruising on our Sailboat. Retired and traveling to see some great places.


The Sunyside Admiral - Pat's creer has been classified by her,  but she worked as a Project manager/administrator for several companies.  During those years she kept the Project team in line and now in her new role as the Admiral on Sunnyside she will keep Terry in line.  Pat retired from one of the companies she worked for years back. 


The Sunnyside Captain - Terry retired as a Navy Commander after 33.5 years and in 2008 he also retired from ABB Inc.  Terry has been sailing for about 35 years with the last ten significanltly more than the first 25.  For the past 7 years Terry has completed most of the upgrades for Sunnyside and written a books to help beginning cruisers get started and active cruisers communicate better.  Volumes I, II, and II are now available at Amazon:

 Click here ->  All of Terry's Books at Amazon 

Volume I  "Cruising - Starting from Scratch" ISBN-13: 978-1456362843  Click here for SFS

Volume II  "Communications Made Simple for Cruisers" ISBN-13: 978-1456586959"  Click here for Coms 

Volume III "Icom IC - M802 Made Simple for Cruisers" ISBN-13: 978-1456545543  Cllick here for IC M802  

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