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Navionics - Makes it Simple for Cruisers

In 2012 I moved my PC to Windows 7 and lost my Mexico charts.  Since Navionics had already sent me a replacement chip as a result of an error on my old chip,I decided to only use Navionics chips instead of some of the other Mexico chart options available for the PC.  This would also make my chart plotter and PC RayTech Software perfectly in sync chart wise.

As they say no good plan goes UN-punished.  While caring my chips down to Mexico, they were stored in a bag in the back of the pickup.   When we arrived in Mexico, both chips provided no detail.   

I contacted both Raymarine and Navionics.   Short story, within a few days Navionics allowed me to download both chips with the latest data at no cost.

A little over a week from the request to both vendors, Raymarine got back to me with a lot of information that had little to do with my issue.

Bravo Zulu to the folks at Navionics!

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